Quitters’ Ball

warning: dry humor

Last week, I shared with my recovery group that I’d published a story about quitting alcohol on a website called Medium.

“Is that like Facebook?”

“Well it’s on the internet.”

“Were you apprehensive?”


“Are you glad you did it?”


To everyone who took time to read it and to those who shared messages of support, strength and solidarity, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mo Solo Mark Starlin Indira Reddy Terrye Turpin P.G. Barnett A Maguire Tien Skye Laura Johnson Erika Burkhalter Sylvia Wohlfarth Matt Querzoli Bev Potter Kittie Phoenix Bebe Nicholson Tammy Hader Tre L. Loadholt Charlotte Franklin Hank Eng Lindsay Lonai Linegar Andrew Knott Melina Saint Thunderdome kurt gasbarra Roz Warren Hans Glickerschmucken Vico Biscotti Sarah Lofgren Gregory Lusted Elle Rogers Luke Trayser Lon Shapiro Michael Stang Jack Herlocker Glenda Thompson Justine Reed Joe Garza

I raise a glass of fried cheese to you all!

"Hi. My name is Roy." - Now that just sounds stupid. (thehappysidestep@gmail.com)

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