Lines Are Open (updated 4/24/21)

go ahead caller

I meant to call yesterday which, thank You very much, was a helluva…sorry…heckuva good day. I have a hunch today is gonna suck but that’s OK. They can’t all be winners, right?

I don’t show enough gratitude for all the good stuff You give me, like our three wonderful daughters. Wow, when did they become so smart? Seriously, they’re brainy like their mom and have her good looks but You were slick giving them my super sharp wit. Kudos, Sir.

And thanks for reminding me people are basically good, not like what the crap news tries to make me believe. My neighborhood is full of kind, generous people. And what about that friendly guy at the grocery store who wouldn’t shut up about his air fryer!? Man, did those tater tots in my cart light that dude’s passion or what?

OK — so now’s the part where I ask for something.

Ha! Saw that coming, didn’t Ya? What can I say: Didn’t want to disappoint.

Please watch over my friend, Juhi. Her body needs to heal. Give it the same energy and strength that allows her spirit to shine so bright. She has much love to share with the world. Please let her be well.

That’s it. Don’t want to load You up with other stuff like I normally do. This one is important.

I’ll be sure to call soon.

Oh, tell Mom we finally found where she hid her birth certificate.

And that I love her.


Love you too.


Please share in a prayer for Jk Mansi.

April 24, 2021

Learned late last night Juhi is recovering well and is back home.

She has quite a story to tell. I hope she shares it soon.

For now, know that your prayers/healing thoughts/vibes/purple power energy orbs helped.

Because they did.

Roz Liddle

Roz Warren

Bonnie Barton

Tre L. Loadholt

Andrew Knott

Wild Flower

Sarah Lofgren

Tammy Hader

Sravani Saha

Cameo Contreras

Jeff Suwak

Gregory Lusted

Tim Colby

Stephen M. Tomic

Judy Balock

Jim Reeves

Vico Biscotti

Michael Stang

Mike Meyer

Jack Herlocker

Laura Johnson

James Knight

Lon Shapiro

Mike Range

Charlotte Franklin

Joe Garza

Mary Holden

Normal Earthling

Mark Starlin

Bev Potter

Thank you, my friends!