Afternoons with Pepper and Diesel

Episode 1: Pepper’s Birthday Surprise

Pepper is a female lab who enjoys long walks, chewing anything she can fit in her mouth, and terrorizing the red-head boy up the street she calls Evil Opie.

Diesel is a 9-year old lab who lives next door to Pepper. He enjoys staring into space, chasing tennis balls and terrorizing Evil Opie.

Diesel’s owner works all day, so Pepper’s family brings him over around noon so the two can play together.

Pepper is turning 1-year old. She’s invited Diesel over for her birthday party. He’s decided to attend since he was coming over anyway.

There was only one birthday present Pepper wanted.

Thus ends the sad tale of Pepper’s worst birthday ever.

the other woman

"Hi. My name is Roy." - Now that just sounds stupid. (

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