Afternoons with Pepper and Diesel

Episode 5: Pepper’s Slumber Party of Horror

Pepper and Diesel are neighbors who like to dig deep holes in hopes of unearthing unmarked burial grounds courtesy of some unscrupulous property developer.

It’s a stormy weekend and Diesel will be spending the night while his owner leaves for a weekend fishing trip.

Young Pepper is so excited to be hosting her first slumber party that she’s not disturbed in the slightest knowing her only guest is a 10-year old male requiring prescription kibble to keep his own flatulence from waking him up at night.

A Guest Arrives

Before Bed Snack Time

Beddy Bye Time

True friends are there to help fight our fears.

They provide us with strength; they fortify power.

With their camaraderie, we hold back the tears

Especially during our most dark, desperate hour.

So when that red-eyed ghoulie down the hallway

Inches its way closer to your door

Look to that friend who’ll know what to say

To make that baddie no more.

More hilarity from America’s most mismatched misunderstood lovable mutts with absolutely no fan base whatsoever:

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